Antibiotic Hand Sanitizer

Antibiotic Hand Sanitizer

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Product name:Antibiotic Hand Sanitizer.

Packing specification: 300ml/ bottle 20 bottles/case

Gross weight/net weight: 14kg/12kg.

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Product Description

Product name: Antibiotic Hand Sanitizer.

Packing specification: 300ml/ bottle 20 bottles/case.

Gross weight/net weight: 14kg/12kg.

The difference between regular and antibacterial hand sanitizers:
The main purpose of hand washing is to remove dirt and sterilize. Regular hand sanitizers are only as good as they can be. Most hand sanitizers contain only surfactants, which do not kill or inhibit bacteria, so it is not enough to clean your hands properly. Therefore, in this case, you should use a hand sanitizer with antiseptic ingredients rather than plain hand sanitizer. Go to the hospital and you'll find that many doctors use antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer has a cleaning effect, but also has the role of sterilization, killing two birds with one stone. More is not always better when it comes to cleaning and germinating hand sanitizer. One or two drops per use should be sufficient. After repeated rubbing, rinse with running water for at least 15 seconds to thoroughly clean the lotion. Although many hand sanitizers contain skin-care ingredients, frequent hand washing during the dry winter months can lead to dry skin, so apply a special moisturizing hand cream.

Performance characteristics

In hand washing sterilization at the same time, and inhibit bacterial breeding, care for hand skin. Gentle and rich foam, easy to rinse, no slimy feeling after washing, classic fragrance, pleasant fragrance.

Detail Show

1.  safe formula

2. pharmaceutical factory production

3.  portable spray

4.  efficient sterilization

5. do not wash fast dry

6. widely used

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