Automated hybridization instrument for nucleic acid molecules(LBP-3124)

Automated hybridization instrument for nucleic acid molecules(LBP-3124)

Short Description:

The number of stained specimens per batch is (1~24) pieces/batch, and the staining time is about 2.5 hours/24 pieces. The external dimensions of the equipment are 56*53*48 (cm), and the weight of the instrument is about 80kg.

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Product parameter

Temperature control range of membrane tank: Room temperature~50℃, adjustable
The highest temperature of the incubator:  ≤45℃
Temperature control accuracy of film tank: ±0.5℃
Sample addition accuracy: ±100μl
Maximum sample size:  24 samples
Power supply voltage: AC 220V±10%
Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
Power: Max 500W
Dimensions (mm): 560x530x480

Product advantages

·The hybridization process is fully automated to improve work efficiency and reduce human influence factors;

·Humanized operating system, visually monitor the whole process of hybridization, easy to operate;

·Precise temperature control system to provide a reliable experimental reaction environment;

·Hybridization is fast, by moving the turntable to achieve rapid liquid addition, shaking to fully react, and one-time drainage;

·High throughput, processing up to 24 samples at one time;

·Wide compatibility, can be extended for multi-project genotyping hybrid analysis, including hepatitis B (C) virus genotyping testing, Ureaplasma urealyticum genotyping testing, thalassemia point mutation analysis and testing, etc.;

·Good sealing, can protect the laboratory personnel and environmental safety.

Instrument characteristics

1. The temperature is accurate and uniform

2. Intelligent and automated operation

3. Innovative film strip tank temperature control and oscillation reaction method

4. High-precision imported injection dosing pump for adding liquid

5. Fully graphical operation interface

The working principle of the instrument

Heat to preset temperature → add hybridization solution → manually add sample → add binding solution → add eluent → add color developing solution → add stop solution to stop color development

Clinical application

an be used for genotyping, gene mutation, pathogen detection lamp in the field of reverse dot hybridization experiments

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