Automated hybridization instrument for nucleic acid molecules(LBP-3696)

Automated hybridization instrument for nucleic acid molecules(LBP-3696)

Short Description:

The fully automatic hybridization instrument is a high-throughput and high-efficiency nucleic acid molecular hybridization device suitable for a variety of reverse dot hybridization experiments (such as genotyping, gene mutation detection, pathogen detection and other fields). Fully automatic and standardization of nucleic acid molecular hybridization is realized, and the total time of nucleic acid molecular hybridization experiments is greatly shortened, which can save manpower and achieve technical quality control.

Product Detail

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Product parameter

Number of stained specimens produced per batch (1~96) pieces/batch
The production and dyeing time is about 2.5 hours/96 pieces
The overall dimensions of the equipment are 95*60*51.3 (cm)
The weight of the instrument is about 40kg


Product advantages

1、High Throughput

96 tests can be completed in 2.5 hours, which is fast and efficient, effectively solves the current problem of low throughput of similar products, and has a wide range of compatibility


The equipment experiment process has strict SOP to ensure the accuracy of the experiment process, no inter-batch difference in the experiment results, strong consistency and high repeatability

3、Full Automation

Realize full automation of nucleic acid molecular hybridization, batch adding liquid, sample addition, hybridization, shaking, microcomputer control, no need for manual duty, simple operation

4、Simply Operate

Embedded operating system and graphical user interface, a more convenient human-computer interaction experience, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the heating chamber and reaction chamber and the progress of the experimental process, and the experimental process can be edited arbitrarily to meet diversified experimental requirements.

5、Precise Temperature Control

Clinical application:

It can be used for reverse dot hybridization in genotyping, gene mutation, pathogen detection and other fields

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