Wall-mount Information General Diagnosis System

Wall-mount Information General Diagnosis System

Short Description:

This system not only owns more than 10 national patents, but is also designed in accordance with clinical demands and has more than 20 diagnostic functions. The system can be applied in various medical institutions, which can bring efficient diagnostic services for doctors and patients, cut down the cost of health-care for the country.

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Multi-functions diagnosis data mornitor system
EENT inspection system
Vital signs diagnosis system
Lighting system


Emergency centers, medical centers, veteran cadres ward, ICU, community health services and so on.

Feature and technical advantage

Fool-operation, powerful, easy to maintain, can be made in aid clinics, electronic medical records, health records, etc. to collect first-line doctors and patients to play a very important role.
Can simultaneously display high-definition images, ECG, respiration, body temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, noninvasive blood pressure and other changes and relationships; overlooking the vital signs for physicians quickly and accurately diagnose; general diagnosis to reduce turn Branch links, and productive.
Excellent leading internal software system - all intelligent diagnostic systems, integrated a number of vital signs, diagnostic systems, medical imaging optical endoscope system, facial inspection system (direct ophthalmoscope, medical magnifying glass, ENT examination), a case management system and other functions in one: a powerful modular design of adequate space for product upgrades.
An external output HD video/projector, multi-screen interface supports simultaneous display of multiple systems, real-time display image data and vital signs for remote consultation of experts, the scarcity of expert resources to reduce cost sharing,improve the level of primary health care, improve people's doctor difficult to see specialists difficult issues.
The world's first high-definition endoscopic unique embedded systems, diagnostic system to fill the general gap in the market without endoscopy. Has a handle capture, screen capture a variety of camera mode, an external display operation, like the doctor's third eye. Operating room while the external display and projector, to achieve three-screen synchronization.
Our product uses a 12.1-inch LCD touch screen clarity, image quality, fast, non-invasive in vivo observation and obtain visual information, and the operation is very simple, is completely fool-operation, doctors and patients is very easy to accept.
The products of the project was designed with full consideration to the issue of coordination of data interfaces, we refer to all of the data interface standard normative documents issued by the Ministry of Health, in the next national health information technology projects to promote the process, our system can be seamlessly Among the large-scale systems to connect to.

Product parameters

Product Name Wall Mounted informatization General Diagnosis Station
Type Multi-functions diagnosis data monitor system
Brand Name DaShunCome, DSC
Power Source Electricity
Warranty 1 Year
Feature Integrated design makes jobs efficiently
After-Sale Service Online technical support, Online technical support
Material Plastic
Quality Certification SGS
Instrument classification Class II
Configuration EENT inspection system
Application General Practitioner
Function Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, ENT Inspector, Thermometer
Usage General hospital, community health and service center, general clinic
Battery 2 hours charged can be used 7 days

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