ZL-D071 Luxury Rescue Vehicle

ZL-D071 Luxury Rescue Vehicle

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Specifications and dimensions: length 1900mm, width 610mm, height-adjustable 550-860mm

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1 A set of high-quality stainless steel safety limit rockers, the rocker is all stainless steel design, firm and flexible, no noise, easy to operate; it can flexibly adjust the lifting of the bed. Adopt the limit protection device in place, and the ABS plastic dust-proof cover, beautiful appearance, wear resistance, and long service life.

2 Backplane lifting: 0~80°±5°, manual adjustment with gas spring assist.

3 The height adjustment of the bed body: 310mm.

4 The central control brake system is equipped with a guide wheel to facilitate the movement, steering, and positioning of the entire bed.

5 PP plastic guardrails on both sides can be adjusted up and down and will be the same height as the bed surface after being lowered and contracted, which supports clinical operations in space.

Material and configuration

1 The main body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy die-casting.

2 The central control chassis is formed by high-quality carbon steel plates, and the steel pipes are bent and welded, and sprayed. The thickness of the plates and pipes is  ≥1.5mm. The surface is double phosphating treatment + electrostatic spraying. SGS international standards. Antibacterial, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance, color resistance.

3 The bed board is made of high-quality reinforced ABS plastic at one time, which is light and strong, anti-aging.

4 There is an infusion stand jack on the front and back of the bed, equipped with a telescopic infusion stand, which can be stowed and placed in the lower part of the bed when not in use.

5 A red operating handle is placed under the head end of the bed board, which controls the gas-assisted spring to adjust the lifting of the back.

6 6-inch luxury silent casters, equipped with a directional wheel structure to facilitate movement and steering. High wear resistance, no noise, flexible rotation, stable and firm.

7 There is an oxygen cylinder holder at the bottom of the bed.

8 The integrally formed base dust cover, the product is clean and beautiful.

9 Optional high-strength wear-resistant mattress for patients to cross the bed.

configuration list

(1) High-quality central control wheel (size in line with national standards), low noise, wear resistance, and large bearing capacity

(2) High-quality infusion stand

(3) 6-inch luxury silent casters

(4) Oxygen cylinder rack

(5) Guardrail

(6) Stainless steel safety limit rocker

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