ETCO₂Sampling Cannula

ETCO₂Sampling Cannula

Short Description:

Sampling products is a sidestream gas analyzers interface, to monitor every breath of a nonintubeted patient by sampling the exhaled carbon dioxide or other exhaled gases.

Utilize a long sampling tube connected to a nasal cannula (ETCO, Nasal Cannula / ETCO, Sampling Cannula), mask connector (ETCO₂Mask) or an adapter in the breathing circuit (Gas Sampling Line).

Product Detail

Product Tags

Sampling products can be used in following clinical Applications

- Pain Clinics

- Endoscopy Units

- Emergency Ambulances

- Intensive Care Units

- Operating Rooms

- Labor and Delivery Units

- Post Anesthesia Care Units

- Sleep Apnea Clinics

- Used As an O₂Source Only

Product Features

- For CO₂, sampling during spontaneous breathing without O₂ delivery

- Super softer material Ensure optimum comfort and compliance

- Optional hydrophobic filter

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ETCO₂Sampling Cannula,Adult





ETCO₂Sampling Cannula,Pediatric





ETCO₂Sampling Cannula,Infant





Basic information Product category Ward supplies
Product detailed name CO2 sampling nasal oxygen tube
Model number Adult / Child / Infant
Product core competitiveness Accurate CO2 sampling , different Luer connections can be equipped with different machines. LATEX AND DEHP FREE
Ten attributes Material PVC
Color White
Oxygen tube outer diameter / length 6.0MM,2.1M
Indications Tracheal intubation patients / cardiopulmonary resuscitation patients / asthma treatment evaluation patients / craniocerebral injury patients / laparoscopic surgery patients
Quality certification CE,ISO13485
Intended use Capno CO2 nasal cannula is used for providing a solution to routine CO2 monitoring during conscious sedation or post operative recovery.
Storage temperature -2 0°C to +40 °C
Storage humidity 10%RH—95%RH
Product expiration date 5 years
Logistics information Sample unit price 10
Sample packaging method PE single package , built-in instructions
Sample delivery date 3-7days
Goods delivery date 40-45days
Production capacity 1 million pcs/ month
Commodity packaging PE single package , built-in manual, 100pcs/ carton or 50pcs/ carton

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