High Frequency C-arm X-Ray Machine

High Frequency C-arm X-Ray Machine

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Wide Application in Operating Room, Emergency Room, Orthopaedics and Surgery.

Its clinecal applications include orthopedics(arthroplasty,joint nailing, joint fluoroscopy, restoration and fixation for bone injury in emergency), radiology(abdominal organ angiography, gastrointestinal fluoroscopy), genecology(uterus angiography), urology(kidney and bladder angiography), surgery(pacemaker implantation, peripheral vascular examination.

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Key Features

1. Adopts the true digital high frequency host, gets the clearest and richest image with minimum dose, greatly reduces the potential harm of X-ray to clinicians and patients.
2. The unique double displays make operation intuitive, easy and reliable.
3. The vertical and horizontal movements and rotation of C-arm are all electric maneuvered.
4. Micro-computer based controller features with Picture Collection & Storage Wrokstatio.
5. Directly upgrade the digital image system, to provide a short cut for your heavy file managements.
6. EMC Test Prooved.

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Lightweight Body (Optional)

Dual Control Pannel with Lightly Mobile Body for Small Operation Room.
1 Million Pixel Digital Imaging System
1K×1K Gigabit Network HD camera
ABC- Automatic brightness control photography
Millions of images are stored
Real-time pulse perspective image
Support report and film printing
Full-featured image processing and reporting workstation software


50kW generator, 150kV, 630mA

Voltage: 3 phase,380V

X-ray tube


Heat capacity: 150KHU
Focus: 0.6/1.2mm

Max tube voltage: 150kV
Max tube current: 630mA

U-C arm

Control Pannel 10 inch

Software Display

Stand height:2300mm

Arm up and down moving range: 1255mm

Distance from the center of the arm to the ground: ≥415mm

Arm rotating range: -30°-120°

Focus screen distance

Min: 1000mm Max: 1800mm

Bed size:2000mm*800mm

Tube moving range:800 mm

Flat panel Detector

CSL detector
Vision: 17’’X17’’(43cm X43cm)
Pixel matrix: 3072 X 3072
Pixel size: 139µm
Gray-scale: 16 bit
Spatial resolution: 3.6LP/mm
Imaging time: 5s
Weight: 11kg
Workstation with 23 inch LED Display

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