Home Use Device

  • Dashuncome Fingertip Pulse Oximeter DSC-79A

    Dashuncome Fingertip Pulse Oximeter DSC-79A

    Dashuncome DSC-79ABCD oximeter has a small size and convenient to carry.
    Accurately measures your SpO2 and pulse rate within 8~10 seconds and displays the measuring result conveniently on a large OLED screen. More applicable to elders and home care use.
    The measuring value deviates less than 1% . Safe and secure to use, easy to operation, accurate and stable.

  • Dashuncome Fingertip Pulse Oximeter DSC-79C

    Dashuncome Fingertip Pulse Oximeter DSC-79C

    Oximeter Fingertip Pulse for Hospital/Home/Clinic



    Features DSC-SP1 Syringe Pump Infusion modes: Rate, Time, Body-weight, Drug library, Loading dose Human Voice Alarm System: 3 levels adjustable(high,mid,low) Prevent accidental collision during injection to prevent operation errors. Dual CPU Guarantee for safer work. History Record Cassette 1000 records Data upload function: optional, including operation, alarm and modification; Trackable treatments are ensured. Pressure Monitoring 3 pressure levels are editable to ensure great injection ...
  • DSC-822MINI Handheld Pulse Oximeter

    DSC-822MINI Handheld Pulse Oximeter

    Audio and visual alarms,
    2.4 inch high-resolution LCD display
    Small portable to carry
    Compact design easy to operate
    3 parameter handheld monitor

  • DSC-BPA3 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    DSC-BPA3 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    Video Features LCD display Unit conversion :mmHg, kPa/mmg: 2 users, 99 memories per user IHB, Irregular heart beating sign WHO, indicating blood pressure level in 4 colors Average of latest 3 records Low power detection Over pressure protection,295mmHg (20ms) Automatic Switch- off ; Error message indication ;Date & Time indication Voice (option) ;AC adaptor (option) Backlight (option) Power Requirements 4pcs*”AA” batteries , AC power 1.5V
  • DSC-5000B-T Ultraviolet Phototherapy

    DSC-5000B-T Ultraviolet Phototherapy

    Goggles are optional. Irradiate the skin and maintain a distance of 3 ±0.5 cm
    Confirmation of radiation dose: According to the doctor’s recommendation, according to the radiation intensity of the phototherapy instrument, the exposure time required for the appendix can be found.
    View the clock, note the start time, and calculate the end time;
    Place the irradiator over the surface of the problematic skin and turn the power switch;
    The time has passed, turn off the switch, and disconnect the power.

  • Portable Hearing Aid

    Portable Hearing Aid

    This small and exquisite hearing aid has small voice distortion and can better meet your demands. Please read this instruction carefully before using or use it under the guidance of the doctors.

  • Medical Oxygen Concentrator

    Medical Oxygen Concentrator

    Medical Oxygen Concentrator Medical oxygen administered by the concentrator is benefificial to cure respiratory, heart, cardiovascular and chronic pulmonary diseases, as well as other diseases requiring concentrated oxygen as key examples.

  • Medical atomizer

    Medical atomizer

    Medical atomizer is mainly used for the treatment of various respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, asthma, sore throat, pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumoconiosis and other diseases occurring in trachea, bronchus, alveoli and chest. Aerosol inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in the treatment of respiratory diseases, using aerosol inhaler to atomize the liquid into small particles, drugs through breathing inhalation into the respiratory tract and lung deposition, so as to achieve the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment.

  • Medical atomizing mask

    Medical atomizing mask

    The utility model discloses a disposable masks, which include masks and attached catheter, atomized mask before setting a vent on the surface, the top of the vent setting can regulate aluminium, regulation on the left side of the set of plates have fixed screw, spray mask and facial joint Settings has soft rubber pad, the right side of the spray mask Settings have mask fixed bandages, mask was fixed on the bandage Is provided with a lower mousse patch, the left side of the atomizing mask is provided with an upper mousse patch, the connecting catheter is installed below the atomizing mask, and the connecting catheter is provided with a plastic buckle.