Infusion pump Sunfusion series

Infusion pump Sunfusion series

Short Description:

1Plug-in and modular design, quick combined

2Independent handle design make quick installation and disassembly.

3PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion

4Excellent waterproof performance

Product Detail

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New Design

1.New interface,easily portable 

2.PBT plastic material

3.Stacked track and shackle design,pumps can becombined freely,greatly save space and easy to transfer


Intuitive and Informative User Interface

1.3.5"colour touch screen 

2.Simple UI design, the important parameters easy be set

Various and Intelligent Mode

1.Fast start,eliminate the deviation caused by start delay

2.Compatible for universal IV sets

3.Various work mode


User-friendly Design

1Change infusion rate without pause

2Intelligent Visual and audible alarm system and dynamic alarm guidance.

3Flow compensation to avoid error caused by pipeline fatigue

4Equipment maintenance cycle alert, Regularly alert maintenance to make accuracy and safety of the device



Screen 3.5 inch Blue LCD ,touch screen
WiFi module YES
Communicate with Host YES, Can be monitored by central work station system ID3
Work modes 7 Workmodes: Simple mode, Drop mode,Vol/T mode,Vol/W mode,Micro mode,Sequential mode,Intermittent mode
Compatible dock station Sunfusion PI3 + ID3
Syringe set 2ml,5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50/60ml univeral syringes
Syringe size detection Autodetect syringe size
INFUSION rate range 0.01 to 2200 mL/h, with 0.01ml/h increasement
Volume to be infused (VTBI) 0.01-9999.99ml (0.01 ml/step)
Nominal flow rate accuracy within ± 2% (after calibration)
Infusion time 99H:59M:59S
Purge/Bolus Bolus, Purge,Anti-bolus,KVO
Obstruct pressure monitoring DPS,13 levels occlusive detection
Syringe position detection 2 sensors: Plunger detection, flange detection
Alarm Audible and visible Simulated display alarm reason (Unique) Female voice alarm system (Patent)
CPU Dual microprocessor controlled
Medicine Library Drug library with 1000drug names,can be customized by phamarist
History 2000 history recorded
Power AC: 100-240V 50/60HZ; DC: 15V,1A; Battery: More than 8 hours backup time at the rate of 5 ml/h
Dimention /net weight 300*180*90mm, 2.0kg

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