IVD Instrument, Electrolyte Analyzer XD697

IVD Instrument, Electrolyte Analyzer XD697

Short Description:

IVD Instrument, Electrolyte Analyzer.

The testing procedure is monitored by the computer to ensure high precision and stability.

Large and high-definition touch screen.

Automatic running and testing 24 hours per day.

Electrode self-diagnosis, electrode abnormal alarm, electrode conditioning reminding.

Optimized fluid flow system.

Automatic air bubble detecting.

Machine self-test function.

Safe, environmentally protective, and close reagent pack.

Automatic reagent consumption calculation.

Automatic data saving when power failure.

Perfect data saving, transferring, searching, and Printing.

QC adjustment program.

Printing of QC diagram within the recent 31 days.

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Basic forms plasma, serum, whole blood, or other liquids
Reaction speed ≥60 samples/h
Specimen volume ≥75μl
Data output LCD touch LCD screen display and built-in printer
Interface RS232C
Power AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 120VA
working environment temperature 5-40℃,humidity ≤80%
Volume 390mm*270mm*408mm
Weight ≤11kg


Item Range Precision
K+ 0.50-15.00mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Na+ 30.0-200.0mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Cl- 30.0-200.0mmol/L CV≤1.0%
TCO2 5.0-60.0mmol/L CV≤4.0%

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