JIDI-4DH blood type card special centrifuge

JIDI-4DH blood type card special centrifuge

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JIDI-4DH blood type card special centrifuge is suitable for biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, clinical trials,

Experimental research units such as food and environmental protection are conventional equipment for the separation and preparation of suspended solids and liquids.

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Product parameters

Maximum speed 4000r/min
Maximum relative centrifugal force 1790×g
Timing range 0 ~ 99min59s   
Speed ​​accuracy ±20r/min
Maximum capacity 12 cards
Motor Brushless Motor
power supply AC 220V 50Hz 10A   
Machine noise ≤60dB
Weight (without rotor) 20Kg
Dimensions 475×355×260mm (L×W×H)

Performance characteristics

1. Using liquid crystal display, the operation is convenient and concise, and the display is clear and clear. 

2. In addition to the electromagnetic lock, there is also a unique emergency button, which can also open and close the door cover when the power is off. 

3. Special observation barrel for centrifuge: The upper and lower concave-convex threaded port design solves the quality problems that the simple observation hole of traditional centrifuges is easy to fall off and the safety hazard caused by poor sealing. 

4. The circulating air duct system is designed in the centrifugal cavity and the air duct of the cover, so that the entire cavity, motor and other parts maintain excellent heat dissipation, and improve the stability and reliability of the whole machine. 

5. Using the patented triangular connecting rod motor fixing and three-stage shock absorption system structure, the motor is firmly fixed at the bottom, so that the motor can run smoothly at high speed. 

6. The unique design of front opening technology makes the whole machine easy to maintain. 

7. The whole machine adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, with door cover protection, overspeed, overtemperature, imbalance and other protection functions, automatic fault alarm function, stable and reliable use. 

8. The whole machine is guaranteed for two years (24 months). 

Adapted rotor

Serial number

Rotor type

Speed r/min

Maximum centrifugal force



Blood type card rotor



12 cards   

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