Liquid Based Cytology Production Machine LBP-2848C

Liquid Based Cytology Production Machine LBP-2848C

Short Description:

Liquid-based cytology is a part of exfoliative cytology. It is to put exfoliated cytology specimens that are difficult to process in a traditional way into an intermediary liquid to remove blood, mucus, and other interfering components that affect diagnosis, so as to improve the diagnosis rate purpose.

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Product parameter

Quantity of slicing and staining per batch/ time of specimen: (1~48) Slices/ Lot
Average time for slicing and staining: About 52 minutes every 48 slices
Amount of buffer solution added per specimen through the centrifugal tube: (0 ~ 2000) l, ±10% error
Quantity of cell transfer per specimen: (1 ~ 1000) l, ±10% error
Amount of buffer solution added per slicing-staining chamber: 50μl±10%
Amount of flushing fluid added per slicing-staining chamber: 50μl±10%
Amount of buffer solution added per slicing-staining chamber: Hematoxylin solution: 250μl±10%
Amount of buffer solution added per slicing-staining chamber: EA/OG solution 250μl±10%
Position for storage of sample centrifugal tubes: 48 positions
Position for storage of LBP special suction nozzles: 64 positions
Length, Width, Height (mm) 1200*700*660 (with the cover closed)1200*700*1100 (with cover opened)
Equipment weight: About 100kg
Power source: AC 220V, 50Hz
Rated power: 200VA
Fuse model: F5AL250V

Product advantages

1、Fully automatic mass production and dyeing

Highly automated, no need to be on duty after getting on the machine, and 48 films can be prepared at a time to meet the needs of different customers.

2、Single piece independent drip dyeing

The dye solution is used for one-time use to avoid cross-contamination, microcomputer control, no batch-to-batch difference, cells are evenly spread, and the viewing field is a circle with a diameter of 13mm, which improves diagnosis efficiency.

3、Stable product quality

The dye solution is dripped with a disposable suction nozzle and does not pass through the pipeline to avoid pipeline blockage. The daily maintenance of the equipment is simple and convenient. The standard reagents and consumables are of stable quality, good staining effect, clearly showing the fine structure of the cell, staining specificity, strong sensitivity, no cross-color, and clear nucleoplasm.

4、Easy to operate

With suction nozzle detection, sample reagent detection and waste liquid detection functions, alarms will appear if there is no nozzle, no sample, insufficient reagent, and upper limit of waste liquid, effectively preventing human error.

Five special series, covering a variety of human exfoliated cells examination

1、Gynecology series

The unique cell separation extract can effectively remove impurities and collect the target cells. Compared with traditional smears and TCT, it is more suitable for doctors to observe and diagnose, with improved sensitivity and specificity.

Mainly used in gynecology and physical examination centers for cervical cancer screening.

2、Urine Cell Series

Proprietary specimen collection urine cups and preservation bottles, and 50ml centrifuge tubes are used to process the samples to ensure cell mass.

It can be used in urology and physical examination centers to diagnose urinary system diseases, especially bladder tumors and kidney tumors.

3、Sputum, endoscopic brushing and lavage fluid cell series

The unique pre-processing technology can remove mucus and other impurities to the greatest extent, and the filming background is clean.

Mainly used in respiratory department, thoracic surgery, veteran department and physical examination center, can diagnose lung diseases, especially lung cancer.

4、Serous cavity effusion series

Using a proprietary specimen bottle containing anticoagulant to collect samples can fix the specimen in time and prevent cell degeneration.

It can be used in thoracic surgery, general surgery, oncology, respiratory surgery and physical examination centers to diagnose mesothelial tumors and various metastatic tumors.

5、Needle aspiration and cerebrospinal fluid series

Use a centrifuge tube with a preservative solution to store the specimens. By repeatedly washing and flushing the suction needle with the preserving solution, the maximum amount of cells can be collected and the effective number of cells for preparation can be guaranteed.

It can be used in surgery and endoscopy rooms to diagnose superficial masses, deep masses, and various endoscopic lesions.

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