Disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves

Disposable sterilized rubber surgical gloves

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Medispo AQL1.0 Surgical gloves powder free New Tech T-Polyure Coating Creates a wall Between skin and the rubber latex. Can effectively reduce the latex allergic risks and easy donning

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Quality Control

We know surgical gloves

1.The highest standard GMP facility in worldwide industry

2.The best environmental protected garden-like factory in worldwide industry

3.Strict quality inspection procedure

4.All incoming raw materials such as latex and chemicals are inspected by the Quality Assurance(QA)department before they are approved for use.

All prepared chemicals are inspected by the laboratory before they are released for production.

5.A final inspection is conducted for every shipment and for every product type.

These include Watertight Tests,Visual Tests,Dimension Tests,Quantity per Packing Unit, Particulate Tests,etc.

Why choose us?

1、Huge Production Capacity

 The annual capacity of 500 million pairs. This is the biggest one in China and the top three in the world.

2、Automatic Manufacturing Equipment

Under the new management and with the most advanced fully automatic production equipments in China,We are producing the top quality surgical gloves.

3、Strict Quality System 

All gloves have been 100% tested for pinholes after production, then inspected 7 times by sampling before delivery. 

4、Complete International Certificates

CE, ISO, U.S. Certificate, EU SATRA, Registration in Japan, Ministry Of Commerce White List, FSC, CCPIT Certifed Brand, etc. 

5、Intelligent Manufacturing Latex Center

Protections have built the production base and R&D for new synthetic latex materials such as polyisoprene gloves.

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