Morgue Equipment

  • Mortuary trolley DSC-DS170

    Mortuary trolley DSC-DS170

    Delicate technology, smooth surface, quality and high-end price union sales worldwide are highly favored.

    It is used for lifting the body upto the mortuary refrigerator, and relieve the woring force of worker. With rollers built-in the railway.

  • Autopsy tableDSC-JY680

    Autopsy tableDSC-JY680

    Autopsy table is an equipment in the laboratory, utilizing 304 stainless steel material to make it waterproof, antiseptic. According to the needs of different customers, different styles and accessories are prepared for operation and use; a reasonable ventilation system can solve the harmful gas generated by formalin in the process of obtaining materials and provide a clean anatomical environment for the experimenters.

  • DSC-6 Mortuary Freezer

    DSC-6 Mortuary Freezer

    The corpse cold storage and freezing box /corpse cabinet is a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department to store the corpse.

    A series of products in mortuary hospitals that are used to store human corpses for identification or transportation, autopsy or burial.

  • DSC-JY680 High Quality Hospital autopsy dissecting table

    DSC-JY680 High Quality Hospital autopsy dissecting table

    304 stainless steel Hot / cold water Movable casters with brake brakes Large water sink Mobile spray gun

  • DSC-J650 Autopsy table

    DSC-J650 Autopsy table

    The sink has a manual faucet and an induction faucet.

    Open holes on both sides of the countertop for ventilation.

    Three boards on the countertop can be removed for cleaning.

    The crusher under the sink can crush small tissues and small bones.

  • KLT-501 Electric Autopsy Saw

    KLT-501 Electric Autopsy Saw

    Ergonomic design, dual-power fast swing cutting, no damage to soft tissues, it is the best solution for dissection room and outdoor use. His cutting saw can work with AC and DC power supply at the same time, no soft tissue damage, no splash cutting, strong cutting force for hard materials, strong plasticity, and strong cutting force. very fast. The saw blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, safe and portable, and the motor is low-temperature and does not heat up.