Things to consider when purchasing an ultrasound machine

Things to consider when purchasing an ultrasound machine

Where to start when looking for your first ultrasound machine or upgrading a current one? Before getting lost in specs and jargon, you may want to read this guide for some general directions.

Now, let’s begin our journey of purchasing an ultrasound machine.

1. Budget

We all want the most powerful scanner, yet we must be realistic. Yes, budget is the first thing you should consider: the more features, the higher costs. But meanwhile, you can provide more scanning services and earn more. Budget vs. Feature, it is crucial to find a balance between them.

If you plan to purchase DSC ultrasound machines, you can manage your budget by customising our models.

For example, DSC K10 Series has the most comprehensive, up-to-date functions — hence a relatively higher price, despite a fair one. But you can tailor them to your needs and save expenses.


Meanwhile, prices are prone to seasonal changes, and shipping may cost you a considerable amount if you purchase from a foreign country. DSC recommends you contact us for accurate prices and estimated shipping fees before settling a budget plan.

2. Cost of Maintenance

Another factor in allocating your budget is the cost of maintenance. Same as everything, ultrasound machines break down sometimes, and you have to afford losses during those downtimes. Hence, check the warranty year before any purchases.


3. Applications and Probes

Your budget closely relates to what your scanner serves. These applications then decide the required transducers. The cost of a scanner can skyrocket with more probes equipped.

This simple list (2021 trend) may help you understand the correct probes to purchase:


DSC models support all standard types — and the 4-D volume probe.

3D imaging allows for the visualisation of structures and the internal anatomy as static 3D images. Comparatively, 4D imaging inherits the 3D advantages and further allows for a live-streaming video, showing the motion of the fetal heart wall or valves and the current blood flowing through various vessels.

4. Portability and Injection

Next, you may consider where to use the scanner, that is, the portability. Will it be static at one location or used across multiple sites? There are times when clinics are less accessible, such as COVID-19 periods, and portable machines would be necessary.

However, portable devices often have degraded imaging quality. DSC R&D teams have been dedicated to mitigating such a compromise. Both our K0 and K2 series feature high resolution and intelligent image optimisation.

Lastly, although all scanners can be used for needle guidance, models with enhanced needles might be preferable for making injection easier.

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Post time: Sep-29-2021