O2Plus II nebuliser mask

O2Plus II nebuliser mask

Short Description:

O2Plus II nebuliser mask provide a reduced impact of phthalates toxicity to patients during nebulisation therapy, by using Non-PVC material in the products. The polypropylene (PP) material forming the body of the mask whilst the softer TPE material is utilized in the seal that contact directly to the patient’s face.

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● 35% lighter weight than standard PVC mask, more comfort for the patient

● Curved nose seal prevent nebulised medication flush to the patient's eyes

● Reduced impact of phthalates toxicity to patients

● Over-molded cushion integrated into the mask frame reducing part of component

● Softer cushion provide optimum comfort

● Ergonomically design matintain the face's shell w/o nose clip and minimised dead space

● Short chin position prevent mist retention

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Adult Aerosol Face Mask only



Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask only



Adult Aerosol Face Mask with EsyNeb Nebuliser set



Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask with EsyNeb Nebuliser set



Adult Aerosol Face Mask with MaxMist Nebuliser set



Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask with MaxMist Nebuliser set


 Basic information Product category Ward supplies
Product detailed name Two-color atomizing mask
Model number Adult / child
Product core competitiveness TPE+PP material , no plasticizer, reduce the impact of plasticizer, DEHP and LATEX FREE , large amount of atomization, atomized particles can reach the bronchus
Ten attributes  Material TPE, PP, PVC
Color White / green
Oxygen tube outer diameter / length 5MM, 2.1M
Indications Broncho-pulmonary disease
Quality certification CE,ISO13485
Intended use Nebulizer Mask is intended to spray liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air and deliver medication to people in the form of a small liquid particle inhaled into the lungs during breathing as well as absorbing oxygen for patients.
Storage temperature -2 0°C to +40 °C
Storage humidity 10%RH—95%RH
Product expiration date 5 years
Logistics information Sample unit price 7
Sample packaging method PE single package , built-in instructions
Sample delivery date 3-7days
Goods delivery date 40-45days
Production capacity 60 Wan pcs / month
Commodity packaging PE single package , built-in manual, 50pcs/ carton

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