Testing Devices

  • Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (Portable)

    Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (Portable)

    The measuring system of Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer automatically scans the T-line and the C-line to obtain optical signals when the reactive matching test kit inserted into the analyzer. The system can be used in the central laboratory, outpatient and emergency laboratory, clinical departments and other medical service stores and physical examination centers.

  • Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

    Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer

    Analyzer uses the advanced method of Time-resolved Fluorescence Immunoassay (TRFIA), for the in-vitro quantitative detection of bio-markers for Diabetes Mellitus, Inflammation, Cardiovascular Diseases, Hormone, Gastric Diseases, Renal Diseases, Tumor, etc.

  • Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (Handheld) DSC-4000

    Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (Handheld) DSC-4000

    The analyzer uses advanced methods of time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay (TRFIA) to perform in vitro quantitative detection of biomarkers of diabetes, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, sex hormones, gastric diseases, thyroid function, tumors, COVID-19 and other diseases.

    Application: laboratory, emergency , ICU, clinical laboratory, clinic, ambulance, field rescue and other clinical departments, etc.

  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ER-30

    Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate ER-30

    Using the photo electricity technology.

    Regularly scan and exam the positions of the red blood cells and the interface of the blood plasma, which is automatically controlled by the microcomputer.

    Data will directly be displayed on the LCD screen.

    Data can also be printed out in the forms of ESR results and ESR curves by the internal printer.

    Capable of storing 150 samples results and curves.

    Offers a simple safe economical and highly accurate method for performing ESR determination.

    Work perfectly without the disturbance of icterus, hemolysis, chyle and other pathological samples and without the bad effect of the external factors.

    Correlativity with Westergren’s method is good.

  • JIDI-4DH Medical Automatic Balance Centrifuge

    JIDI-4DH Medical Automatic Balance Centrifuge

    JJIDI-4DH medical automatic balance centrifuge is suitable for biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, clinical trials,

    Experimental research units such as food and environmental protection are conventional equipment for the separation and preparation of suspended solids and liquids.

  • Electrolyte Analyzer XD687

    Electrolyte Analyzer XD687

    Using the ion-selective electrode technology and automatically controlled by the microprocessor.

    Can test K+, Na+,cl,Li+, ica++, nca++, PH and TCO2 in the biological sample fast, accurately and reliably

    Can also calculate the value of anion gap(AG).

    Convenient and practical clinical testing instrument

    Large LCD in English, friendly interface, and can be easy to operate.

    Automatic and guaranteed air bubble examining function

    24 hours power on Automatic switch into energy saving mode in 10mins with no action.

    Automatic two-points calibration

    Multi-points quality-control

    Outside scale modification programs.

    Quality-control program

    Can be printed out up to 31 days’ quality control chart

    Result data save up to 20000 tests

  • JIDI-5DH nucleic acid detection centrifuge

    JIDI-5DH nucleic acid detection centrifuge

    JIDI-5DH nucleic acid detection centrifuge adopts ergonomic design with exquisite and beautiful appearance, full-touch intelligent system, powerful and complete functions, real-time recording of operation records support background viewing, patented three-level shock absorption structure, quiet and stable operation, and excellent centrifugal effect! It is widely used in centrifugal applications in molecular biology, clinical medicine, genetic biology, protein nucleic acid and PCR experiments.

  • Electrolyte Analyzer XD-683

    Electrolyte Analyzer XD-683

    Using the ion-selective electrode technology and automatically controlled by the microprocessor.

    Can test K+, Na+, cl, Li+, ica++, nca++, PH, and TCO2 in the biological sample fast, accurately, and reliably.

    Can also calculate the value of the anion gap(AG).

    The convenient and practical clinical testing instrument.

    Large LCD in English, friendly interface, and can be easy to operate.

    Automatic and guaranteed air bubble examining the function.

    24 hours power on Automatic switch into energy-saving mode in 10mins with no action.

    Automatic two-points calibration.

    Multi-points quality-control.

    Outside scale modification programs.

    Quality-control program.

    Can be printed out up to 31 days’ quality control chart.

    Result data save up to 20000 tests.

  • JIDI-5DH Medical Tabletop Low Speed ​​Centrifuge

    JIDI-5DH Medical Tabletop Low Speed ​​Centrifuge

    In medical tests, centrifuges are often used as equipment for separating serum, plasma, precipitated proteins or checking urine sediment. The use of a centrifuge can quickly precipitate the suspended particles in the mixed liquid, thereby separating the components of various substances with different specific gravities.

  • Electrolyte Analyzer XD685

    Electrolyte Analyzer XD685

    Using the ion-selective electrode technology and automatically controlled by the microprocessor.

    Can test K+, Na+,cl,Li+, ica++, nca++, PH and TCO2 in the biological sample fast, accurately and reliably.

    Can also calculate the value of anion gap(AG).

    Convenient and practical clinical testing instrument.

    Large LCD in English, friendly interface, and can be easy to operate.

    Automatic and guaranteed air bubble examining function.

    24 hours power on Automatic switch into energy saving mode in 10mins with no action.

    Automatic two-points calibration.

    Multi-points quality-control.

    Outside scale modification programs.

    Quality-control program.

    Can be printed out up to 31 days’ quality control chart.

    Result data save up to 20000 tests.

  • JIDI-6RH medical floor-standing low-speed large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge

    JIDI-6RH medical floor-standing low-speed large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge

    Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge is most commonly used laboratory extraction large number of primary separation of biological macromolecules, and the like precipitate .

  • Electrolyte Analyzer DSI-905

    Electrolyte Analyzer DSI-905

    -Large LCD in English, friendly interface, and can be easy to operate.

    -It takes 25 seconds from absorbing the sample to have the final results. 

    The results will be displayed in units of mmol/L on the LCD.

    -Transparent testing cavity makes it easierakes it easier to remove the air bubbles or the blood clots.

    -24 hours stand by Automatically calibrate every 2 hours. Samples are ready to make all the time.

    -It has quality-control programs to satisfy the QC standards of different locations. 

    It can also carry on the quality-control datum processing, and calculate the values of x-, SD and CV%

    -RS-232 standard interface is available for computer connection.

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