ZL-B012 Plastic Steel Children’s Bed

ZL-B012 Plastic Steel Children’s Bed

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Dimensions: length 165 0mm, bed width 80 0mm, height 650/1250mm;

Bed size: 1500*720mm.

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1. The back tilt angle is 70 ±5°;

2. The static load weight : ≧ 2 . 5 0kg , adjustable carrier weight : ≧ 2 0 0kg ; back bed double support structure, sturdy real prison, double support of 3.0mm The cold-rolled steel plate is stamped and formed to strengthen the bearing capacity of the back bed plate, and the rocker is less stressed, making it easier, flexible and safer to shake;

3. The side guardrail is fully covered, and the guardrail is divided into three levels, which can be adjusted according to daily nursing needs;

4. The bed has a set of rockers to control the lifting function of the back bed panel; all high-quality ABS reinforced plastic material rocker handles, concealed design, paste Identification lift position , the operator at a glance; hand shake appearance, foldable, made of steel-plastic, the tensile member is made of steel, jacket ABS decorative parts, high strength, light weight, flexible and reliable, strong and durable, not easy to damage the handle, with steel folding lock, with anti-pinching Function, can effectively prevent accidental injury caused by wrong operation. The connecting part of the guide rod and the lead screw, 45# steel cross connector, easy and flexible shaking Live, stable and safe. # 45 using the screw die steel, structural steel transmission clutch system, wear, compression, long life, screw using bis No limits to the protection means in place, can effectively prevent rotation when the screw actuator and the pole overload and damage the threaded joint systems, enhanced shake. The service life and safety performance of the rod; the outer cover is ABS dust-proof sleeve, and the lead screw sleeve adopts high-quality φ 32 cold-rolled pipe surface galvanized treatment, so that the sleeve can bear. Better load and anti-rust effect.

5. The high-quality cold-rolled board is bent into a strip sprayed bed panel, which is solid and has good air permeability;

6. The bed screen and the bed frame are connected and fastened by stainless steel bolts, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and does not occupy storage space;

7. There are 2 drip holder sockets on the diagonal corners of the bed screen column;


1. The bed screen and guardrail are welded and formed by high-quality cold-rolled tubes of φ 16 X1.0mm, 25X25X1.0mm, and φ 25 X1.0mm;
2. The bed frame is made of high-quality cold-rolled square pipe 80X40X1.5mm, and the beam is high-quality cold-rolled pipe 50X30X2.0mm; carbon dioxide gas shielded welding is used. Full welding process welding and forming ; bed feet are welded and formed by cold-rolled square tubes 50X50X1.5mm and 30X30X1.2mm;
3. The bed panel is made of high-quality cold-rolled carbon steel plate ≥ 1.5mm by one-time stamping. The steel pipe is strengthened, solid and durable;
4. The whole bed adopts double phosphating electrophoresis primer + electrostatic antibacterial powder coating, SGS international standard coating treatment. The bed body paint adopts antibacterial paint. It has passed the inspection and certification of provincial institutions (copy of relevant certification documents must be provided), anti-bacterial, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, and anti-fading.


1. Equipped with 4-inch silent luxury casters and four independent brakes, which are characterized by better braking stability.

After all the casters are braked, they are guaranteed to be in all directions.

Both can be braked, the casters are made of polyurethane material that does not fade, wear-resistant , good braking performance, and strong stability.

2. A sundries basket.


1. Equipped with an ABS four-hook telescopic infusion rod;
2. Equipped with an 8 cm high-density brown cotton mattress, waterproof jacket, easy to disassemble and clean, color can be selected.

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