ZL-D001 ABS emergency vehicle

ZL-D001 ABS emergency vehicle

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Specification : 840x500x980mm

Mainly composed of aluminum·stainless steel· ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-pillar load-bearing.

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1. Tilting dovetail handle, disposable formed handrail table, more clean, smooth use, more beautiful.
2. The product material high-grade thickening, light, quiet, strong and durable
3. Universal silent foot brake, anti-skid and wear-resistant, caster material is high strength polyurethane, anti-static, anti-hair winding, easy to move and flexible.
4. The quality of our products is measured by the precision of hospital level. We choose imported ABS engineering plastic injection molding process to form in one time. It is durable, beautiful and rich in texture, corrosion resistance, longer service life, strive for perfection, just to make better products.

Main technical parameters and requirements

1. Mainly composed of aluminum·stainless steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel four-pillar load-bearing;

2. ABS integrated guardrail 75mm has no gaps on three sides. The table top includes the guardrail injection molding process and has two handrails on both sides. The recessed design can prevent items from slipping. The use area of the recessed tabletop: 620*430*60 ~75mm tabletop. With transparent soft glass.

3. Front: Central control lock, equipped with five drawers, the first and second layers of small drawers 80mm, inner space:
508*358*68mm* two central drawers 120mm inner space: 508*358*110mm* one deep drawer 240mm inner space: 508*358*220mm drawers with 3*3 dividers, which can be separated freely. *Drawer handles are color-changeable styles, sealed slot type nameplate size: 148*38mm, prevent liquid and dust from entering, another The color of the side can be changed; the label-type area is designed according to the ergonomic principle, the slot type is inclined upward to facilitate the wait and see, and the handle of the inner mold is thickened and feels more reliable;

4. Left side: defibrillation platform, concealed telescopic working table, debris box, net basket;

5. Right side: There are two two-liter sharps boxes in the basket, equipped with a hidden telescopic infusion stand, and ABS double dirt barrels for color separation;

6. Back: Defibrillator, concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder holder, movable 5 meters power cord;

7. Bottom: Luxury universal plug-in silent wheels, two of which have brake function, casters are made of high-strength polyurethane.
Anti-static, anti-hair entanglement, light and flexible movement;

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