ZL-D007 ABS emergency vehicle

ZL-D007 ABS emergency vehicle

Short Description:

Specification: 760 × 520 × 1125 mm

Product Detail

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Main technical parameters and requirements:

1. Product material: All ABS engineering materials are used for one-time molding.

2. Two-layer design, two ABS drawers on the upper layer, with partitions inside, and a side door on the lower layer with built-in partitions, which can be divided and combined freely according to customer requirements.

3. Anti-collision strips around the car body

4. The drawer track adopts a tri-fold silent track, equipped with a central lock, double-sided ultra-silent casters (two brakes and two non-brakes).

5. Equipped with 2 pieces of plastic garbage, 1 piece of blue debris, 1 piece of rescue tray, and 1 piece of a defibrillator.

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