ZL-D033 Stainless Steel Rescue Truck

ZL-D033 Stainless Steel Rescue Truck

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Specifications:length 650mm, width 420mm, height 880mm

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FeatureMaterial and configuration

1 The main body is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, reinforced with steel pipelining, welded and polished, plate 1.0mm 

2 Turn-over design on the upper cover, built-in medicine bucket, the medicine bucket is designed by cloth bag wall-mounted design.

3 The middle part is equipped with two drawers, using imported silent slide rails, easy to pull, and no noise.

4 The lower two doors are designed to open and close separately, which is convenient for taking medicines.

5 is equipped with a push-pull handle and infusion stand slot.

6 Equipped with stainless steel telescopic infusion stand, 3-inch luxury silent wheels, two-wheel brakes, high wear resistance, no noise, flexible rotation, stable and firm.

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