ZL-E009 stainless steel face seat bedside table

ZL-E009 stainless steel face seat bedside table

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Specification:Length 450 mm, width 360 mm, height 720 mm.

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1.Roof dash panel plate and the foot off imported stainless steel plate pressure forming, solid appearance, highly corrosion resistant, easy to clean.
2.Drawer guides with quiet roll-on, pull more flexible;
3.On both sides of high-quality stainless steel cabinet with a wire shelf hidden towel, towel can hang, hidden in the cabinet when not in use to save space;
4.Large capacity of the article storage space, there are laminates, the patient can be conveniently classified storage items.


1.The top plate and foot wall of the cabinet are formed by folding and welding high-quality imported stainless steel materials.
2.The cabinet body, drawers and door panels are welded with high-quality cold-rolled plates≥1.0mm .
3.The cabinet body, drawers and door panels are coated with double phosphating electrophoresis primer + electrostatic antibacterial powder, and SGS international standard coating treatment. Bed coating.

Use antibacterial coatings and pass the inspection and certification of provincial institutions (copy of relevant certification documents must be provided), antibacterial, antibacterial, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and fade resistance.


  1. Both sides of the cabinet are equipped with stainless steel movable towel racks.

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