ZL-E030 steel six-door locker

ZL-E030 steel six-door locker

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Specification:Length 900mm, width 400mm, height 1750mm.

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1. The whole cabinet is divided into 6 doors, with a round tube clothes rail inside, which can store clothes and hats reasonably.

2. The door is equipped with a concealed lock and handle, which is safe and reliable, and the overall appearance is generous.


1.0The cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled plates for stamping and bending. The cabinet body is 0.8 mm thick cold-rolled plates, and the door and cabinet inner layers are 0.7 mm thick cold-rolled plates.
2. Using impact rust removal + electrostatic antibacterial powder coating, SGS international standard coating treatment. The coating adopts antibacterial coating, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, and anti-fading.

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