Celling Digital X-Ray System

Celling Digital X-Ray System

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Brand Name: DSC
Model Number: 6000-DR
Power Source: Electric
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Plastic
Quality Certification: CE ISO

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Instrument Parameters

Canada CPI

50kW generator, 150kV, 630mA,

Voltage: 3 phase,380V

X-ray tube


Heat capacity: 300KHU
Focus: 0.6/1.2mm

Max tube voltage: 150kV
Max tube current: 630mA


Vertical height range:1500mm
Horizontal moving range:1800mm
Cross moving range:1800mm

Arm up and down moving range: 1255mm

Tube rotation range(vertical): ±90°

Tube rotation range(horizontal): 360°

Bucky Vertical Moving: 1150mm

Min: 460mm

Bed size:2000mm*800mm

Flat panel Detector

CSL detector from Thales France
Vision: 17’’X17’’(43cm X43cm)
Pixel matrix: 3072 X 3072
Pixel size: 148µm
Gray-scale: 16 bit
Spatial resolution: 3.7LP/mm
Imaging time: 6s
Weight: 16kg
Workstation with 23 inch LED Display

Product Advantages

Fundamentally reduce medical costs, DSC improve the quality of medical treatment, expand the scope of medical treatment. Our imaging products have high definition image quality, low dose technology and efficient workflow. Help doctor operate efficiently, accurate and easy diagnosis; and help patients get proper treatment in time.
1. High inverter frequency: Using the new generation of full-bridge inverter circuit technology, 400,000Hz UHF inverter technology, the high voltage ripple coefficient is controlled below 1% infinitely close to the constant high frequency
2. Easy to operate: The multi-functional diagnostic bed is controlled by computer, and the system can automatically switch between the upright position and the decubitus position according to the needs of clinical application. The X-ray tube and the plate detector are fully automatic tracking and positioning functions, which always keep the alignment of the ray center and the image center, so as to facilitate the positioning of the projection and improve the working efficiency.
3. Multifunctional system: The wide range of motion of the suspension system with the bed surface movement, can complete the conventional upright position, upright position, lateral position, horizontal position, lateral position, upper and lower limb photography and other all position photography needs, but also can automatically realize the vertical position, horizontal position oblique photography and other special photography position.


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