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  • Medical Isolation Clothing

    Medical Isolation Clothing

    Product Name: Medical isolation clothing.

    Product specification: 50 / carton.

    Intended use: for general isolation in outpatient, ward and laboratory of medical institutions.

    Storage conditions: The product should be stored in a dry, dry, sun-free, well-ventilated and clean environment, away from open flame.

  • Medical Protective Clothing

    Medical Protective Clothing

    Structure and component: Made of non-woven fabric sewing and bonding

    Product specification: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180, 185

    Sterilization ways: Sterilized by ethylene oxide

    Scope of application: for clinical medical staff in the work of contact with the potentially infectious patients blood, body fluids, secretions and other barrier protection 

  • Medical Isolation Mask

    Medical Isolation Mask

    Product Name: Medical isolation mask

    Product features: Full occlusion, blocking droplets

    Packing specification: 10 / bag 20 bag/box

    Gross/net weight: 20kg/18kg (The actual measurement shall prevail)

  • Isolate The Shoe Covers

    Isolate The Shoe Covers

    Product name: Isolate the shoe covers.

    Product size: XL(Suitable for size 41-45).

    Product specification: 40PCS/bag 20 bags/case.

    Volume: 60cm*40cm*55cm.

  • Disposable Medical Cap

    Disposable Medical Cap

    Product name: Disposable medical cap.

    Packing specification: 20/ bag 60 bags/case.

    Product description: It is made of non-woven fabric, non-sterile, disposable.

    Intended use: For general isolation in outpatient, ward and laboratory of medical institutions.

  • Medical Isolation Eye Mask

    Medical Isolation Eye Mask

    Product name: Medical Isolation Eye Mask

    Specifications: Adult

    Packing specification: 100 PCS/box 10 boxes/box

    Volume: 42cm*40cm*32cm

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Product name: Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Dosage form: gel

    Product specification: 500ml/ bottle

    Main components: Ethanol content of 54-66% (V/V), n-propanol content of 9%-11% (V/V).

    Killing microorganism category: it can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus and pathogenic fungi.

  • 75% Alcohol Disinfectant

    75% Alcohol Disinfectant

    Product name: 75% alcohol disinfectant

    Product specifications: 50ML / 100ML /1L/2.5L

    Main active ingredients and content: ethanol, ethanol content is 70.0~8-0.0 (/N, 96)

    Killing microorganism category: this product can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus pathogenic fungi and common bacteria of hospital infection

    Scope of use: Suitable for human body and skin disinfection and general object surface disinfection

    The period of validity:24 months

  • Disposable Alcohol-Based Disinfecting Wipes

    Disposable Alcohol-Based Disinfecting Wipes

    Skin-friendly non-woven fabrics are used.

    Sanitaryguards sterilize hands safely.

    Disposable use of clean health, disinfection at the same time can also moisturize the skin.

  • Medical Protective Mask Kn95

    Medical Protective Mask Kn95

    Product material: This product consists of mask body, nose clip and mask belt.  The outer layer and inner layer of the mask are non-woven fabric, and the interlayer is fused non-woven fabric.  The mouth strap is polyester elastic belt: the nose clip is made of metal aluminum strip.  

    Main use: For the medical work environment, to worry the air particles, droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions etc. 

  • Medical Grade Electronic Forehead Temperature Gun

    Medical Grade Electronic Forehead Temperature Gun

    Type of thermometer: infrared thermometer

    Applicable crowd: no limitation

    Measurement location: forehead temperature

  • Disposable Surgical Masks For Medical Use

    Disposable Surgical Masks For Medical Use

    When buying melt-blown cloth for surgical masks, select bfe> 99% melt-blown cloth, effective isolation of microorganisms.

    The first layer of non-woven fabric barrier droplet dust.
    The second layer of the middle melt-blown layer melt-blown cloth filter fine particles.
    The inner layer of non-woven fabric absorbs the exhaled heat, skin friendly and comfortable.

    Basic protection for medical personnel or related personnel, as well as the barrier or protection of blood, body fluids and spatter during invasive operations.