DSC-5000B-T Ultraviolet Phototherapy

DSC-5000B-T Ultraviolet Phototherapy

Short Description:

Goggles are optional. Irradiate the skin and maintain a distance of 3 ±0.5 cm
Confirmation of radiation dose: According to the doctor’s recommendation, according to the radiation intensity of the phototherapy instrument, the exposure time required for the appendix can be found.
View the clock, note the start time, and calculate the end time;
Place the irradiator over the surface of the problematic skin and turn the power switch;
The time has passed, turn off the switch, and disconnect the power.

  • Dimension: 276mm*54mm*35mm
  • Weight (without battery): 650g
  • Radiation intensity: UVA: 10~16 mw/cm2
  • : UVB: 10~16 mw/cm3
  • Working voltage: 110V or 220±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
  • Input power: ≤40VA
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    Technical Specification

    Product Tags

    With small size, lightweight, hand-held design, easy to operate and patients can take it along with themselves
    High radiation intensity, improving treatment effect
    Many display modes
    Humanized built-in timer design
    Comb for scalp psoriasis
    Work distance: 3±0.5cm
    The special ultraviolet lamp is used as the light source, which has good stability and long service life;
    Small size, light weight, simple operation, and patients can carry it with them;
    High radiation intensity and good curative effect;
    There is a flashing plate radiation unit to improve radiation efficiency;
    Reasonable price, easy to use, patients can bring treatment at home

    Applicable to clinical units for UV irradiation and treatment of leucoderma, psoriasis, Pityriasis Rosea, eczema and other skin diseases

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  • 1 set main machine
    1pcs power cord
    1pcs manual
    1pcs certificate
    Dimension 276mm*54mm*35mm
    Weight (without battery) 650g
    Main technical indicators
    Radiation intensity UVA: 10~16 mw/cm2
    UVB: 10~16 mw/cm3
    Working voltage 110V or 220±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
    Input power ≤40VA
    Radiation source Philips special UV lamp, with average life expectancy of 1000-1200 hours
    Environment Requirements
    Ambient temperature range 10~40℃
    Relative humidity range 30~75%
    Atmospheric pressure range 700hPa~1060hPa
    Transportation and storage temperature -40~55℃
    Transportation and storage humidity ≤95%
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