JIDI-18RH medical small blood refrigerated centrifuge

JIDI-18RH medical small blood refrigerated centrifuge

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It is mainly used in molecular biology, medical and health, food safety, life sciences, agriculture and forestry sciences, animal husbandry sciences, blood banks, blood stations, biological products, pharmaceutical products and other fields. It is an ideal equipment for separation, precipitation and concentration preparation of samples. A necessary instrument for centrifugal separation in hospitals, research institutes, and universities.

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model JIDI-18RH small desktop refrigerated blood centrifuge
Maximum speed 8000r/min
Maximum relative centrifugal force 6439×g
Timing range 0 ~ 99min59s
Speed ​​accuracy ±10r/min
The fastest ramp-up time 10s
Motor Special frequency conversion motor for centrifuge
Temperature control range -20℃~+40℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.8℃
power supply AC 220V 50Hz 15A
Machine noise ≤50dB
Weight (without rotor) 40kg
Dimensions 690×300×280mm (L×W×H)

Performance characteristics

1. The 7 -inch high-definition touch screen "intelligent system" is adopted . The display interface simultaneously displays the speed, running time, temperature, and up/down speed gears, as well as the currently selected rotor specifications, maximum speed and maximum centrifugal force, door opening and closing conditions, real-time Date time 

2. Centrifugal force or speed can be preset for centrifugation according to user needs; to meet different centrifugal requirements of users;

3. Real-time detection of the centrifuge speed. When the motor is running abnormally, the floating pop-up window displays the speed and shields all keys to prevent the user from misoperation and cause safety hazards;

4. The data of each centrifuge operation is recorded in the background, and the user can view it in real time , and supports USB reading;

5. The change curve of speed, centrifugal force and temperature during operation are displayed on the same screen, and the change relationship is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for users to record centrifugal data;

6. With humanized design, users can adjust screen brightness, button sound, Chinese and English selection, timing mode, and automatic lid opening ;

7. The unique octagonal cavity is used for connection, the overall structure is thick and reliable, the cavity is designed with an automatic ventilation and circulation system, and the circuit boards are all suspended, which has a good moisture-proof effect;

8. Special observation tube for centrifuge: The upper and lower concave-convex threaded ports are designed to solve the quality problems that the simple observation hole of the traditional centrifuge is easy to fall off and the safety hazard caused by the lack of sealing ;

9. The centrifugal chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel and is plated with a special anti-corrosion coating, which has excellent corrosion resistance and is durable;

10. Adopting the leading patent "bottom triangle connecting rod motor fixing and three-stage shock absorption system structure", the motor is firmly fixed at the bottom with the best triangle balance point, so that the entire system runs extremely smoothly, with ultra-low noise and high reliability. High stability;

11. Adopting imported customized and specially equipped high-reliability compressor, with high stability, long service life and rapid cooling.

12. The entire refrigeration system adopts the industry's leading technology "micro-automatic constant temperature control system adjustment technology", which greatly improves the refrigeration accuracy and the service life of the compressor; the system cools down extremely quickly,

It does not exceed 3 minutes when the room temperature drops from 25℃ to 4℃;

13. The centrifugal barrel winding tube adopts the best quality copper tube, and the full soldering technology greatly improves the efficiency of the refrigeration system.

14. The whole machine adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, with door cover protection, overspeed, overtemperature, unbalance and other protection functions, automatic fault alarm function, stable use 


14. The whole machine is guaranteed for two years ( 24 months)

Adapted rotor

Serial number Rotor type Maximum speed r/min

Maximum centrifugal force xg


capacity Fastest speed-up time Fastest deceleration time Ex-factory price (yuan)
NO.1 Medical angle rotor 8000 6439 12x5ml (blood collection tube) 10S 30S With 12x5ml (blood tube) rotor

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