ZL-B052 Steel Plastic Baby Bed

ZL-B052 Steel Plastic Baby Bed

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Specifications and dimensions: 865*460*810mm

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1 The inclination angle of the baby basin is 0~10±5°, easy to adjust

2 The load-bearing capacity of the bed is not less than 80Kg

Material and configuration

1 High-quality cold-rolled carbon steel pipe Φ25*1.5mm bending welding of bed frame

2 The baby basin is made of high-quality acrylic, which is transparent and beautiful, strong and safe. Vent holes at the bottom

3 The bed frame adopts double phosphating + electrostatic powder coating, SGS international standard coating treatment. The bed body coating adopts antibacterial coating, which has passed the inspection and certification of provincial institutions (copies of relevant certification documents can be provided), antibacterial and antibacterial, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, color resistance, and effective extension of service life

5 Equipped with 3-inch double-sided luxury wheels, diagonal brakes, high wear resistance, no noise, flexible rotation, stable and firm

6 Can be equipped with mosquito net rack, the mosquito net rack is removable and washable

7 The lower part is equipped with a sundries basket

8 Optional full sponge pad, outsourcing high-quality pink artificial leather, the inner is 50 mm high-density cotton, soft and comfortable, good air permeability, and can prevent water from penetrating into the mattress, comfortable, clean, and easy to clean.

9 Optional stainless steel four-hook telescopic infusion rod and mosquito net.

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