ZL-D063 Stainless Steel Double Arm Pallet Rack

  ZL-D063 Stainless Steel Double Arm Pallet Rack

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Size: 700*400*900/1500mm

The pallet frame is made of stainless steel pipes, welded and polished.

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Product Description

1. The pallet frame is made of stainless steel pipes, welded and polished.

2. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless, and the welding part adopts high-standard fusion welding, without burning, cold cracking, missing welding and other defects, and the surface is flat and smooth.

3. The pallet is cut from a stainless steel plate, folded, welded and polished to form. The pallet truck can be removed for easy cleaning and disinfection.

4. The frame can be adjusted, which is convenient for nursing staff to operate.

5. Double-arm design, flexible and convenient to move.

6. Use silent wheels to optimize the silent environment of the operating room.


1. senior steel pipe
Advanced stainless steel tube for the national standard steel tube, bright surface polishing more high-grade, durable.
2. Adjusting button design
The adjusting button is used to adjust the height of the tray rack. It is twisty and tight. The shape is designed according to ergonomics, and it is comfortable to use.
3. Base design
The base is a weighted base, which is firm and stable to ensure the normal use of the product during work.
4. Plastic wheels
The wheel is natural rubber wheel, universal rotation, durable
5. Welding process
Welding process is adopted to make the small parts more firm and fine

Installation Method

1. Bottom installation: align the rubber wheel with the corresponding position of the base and install it on the base
2, pipe frame installation: the upper pipe frame is aligned with the lower pipe frame sleeve
3. Tighten the screw button
4. Place the square tray on the tray rack

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