Emergency and clinic equipment

  • Infusion pump Sunfusion series

    Infusion pump Sunfusion series

    1Plug-in and modular design, quick combined

    2Independent handle design make quick installation and disassembly.

    3PBT plastic material for anti-corrosion

    4Excellent waterproof performance

  • Dual channel syringe pump BYZ-810T series

    Dual channel syringe pump BYZ-810T series

    3 Injection modes are available: Simple mode,Vol/T Mode, Vol/W Mode

    Drug library.

  • Infusion pump BYS-820 series

    Infusion pump BYS-820 series

    1. Portable light weight design with CE qualification 
    2. User friendly interface with audible and visual alarm system
    3. Two working mode ml/hr and drop/min can be freely switched
    4. Applicable to both human and pets 
    5. Compatible with any infusion set after calibration
    6. Automatically save the last infusion record