Dual channel syringe pump BYZ-810T series

Dual channel syringe pump BYZ-810T series

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3 Injection modes are available: Simple mode,Vol/T Mode, Vol/W Mode

Drug library.

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Product Features

1Dual CPUGuarantee for safe work.

2Pressure Monitoring(DPS) 3 pressure levels are editable to ensure great injection accuracy.

3History Record CassetteUp to 2000pcs records, including operation, alarm and modification; Trackable treatments are ensured.

4System Self-testSystem self-test is conducted every time turning on, including alarm indicator,volumepressureair bubblesetc;

Sfeguard for every-time use.

5CertificationCertified by GMP, ISO14001 and ISO13485.


1.Upgrade Appearance,Better Experience

Brand new appearance provide better experience

Double LCD dispay with nice interface,easy to operate


2.Intelligent & safe

Support custom syringe brands, suitable for any syringe brand after calibration

Unique voice, word and light combination alarms, very faster and reliable

Builtin drug dosage reference database very useful for clinic use

Limited injection amount function allows presetting injection amount

Intelligent recognition of the 10ml20ml30ml50ml(60ml) sy-ringe

3.Brand-new Appearance & Better Sensibility

●Appearance is upgraded to provide better sensibility;

●Double bigger display windows enable more legibility and convenience.

4.Intelligent Safety & More Care

●Compatible with recommended syringes by default with great accuracy; other syringes can be used by correct calibration.

●VTBI (Volume to be injected) is available.

●Intelligently identify syringe size: 10ml, 20ml,30ml, 50ml(60ml);

●Safer reassurance is achieved by alarmcombination of human voice, legible words and lights;

●Comprehensive drug library is able to satisfy various clinical needs.

Packaging & Delivery

English version standard export packing (carton packing, strong enough for air/sea shipment) There are two types: 1.with CE mark 2.neutral
Package Reference: 1pc Carton: 4.6Kg, 34cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 26cm(H)
2pcs Carton: 9.2Kg, 76cm(L) x 30cm(W) x 36cm(H)

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