Western Blot Series XD248

Western Blot Series XD248

Short Description:

Automatic running, large LCD screen.

Cultivation table temperature selection: room temperature 37°C.

Friendly interface in English.

48+2 programs can be programmed within the machine, flexible and convenient, long-term preservation.

48 reagent strips can be tested at the same time.

Oblique negative pressure suction nozzle with the high-low liquid level.

Ensure that the instrument has no cross-infection.

Automatic cleaning function: each channel can be cleaned as needed.

Positioning Correction function: the moving arm has added/absorbing solution and location check function

The peristaltic pump can automatically correct the liquid adding error under the control of the computer and the

quantitative correction function of the liquid pump.

A fully closed piping system provides safety protection for operators.

Locking pre-program and unlocking the pre-program.

Prompt alarm function: it can set prompt warning, add reagent, add substrate, waste liquid overflow alarm, and end of work.

Setting function: set up liquid pump name, project lock or unlock, project inquiry, insertion, and deletion, etc.

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Test strip capacity 1-48
Programming capacity ≥ 48+2(cured a program)
Liquid distribution system of liquid distribution system 8 channel
Distribution range of liquid pump 0000μL – 3000μL / 1μL Increment 0000μL - 3000μL / 1μL
Quantitative correction Semi automatic quantitative correction
Incubation time / increment 0 h – 24 h / 1 min recyclable
The incubation time display Hours minutes and seconds (hour min second)
Rocking speed 3 gear optional
Communication RS232 interface specification baud rate 9600 data bit 8 stop bit 1 parity check NO
The capacity of the reagent bottle 200 mL × 6
The volume of the washing bottle 1000 mL × 2
The volume of the waste liquid bottle 2000 mL× 1(no leaky closed negative pressure waste liquid bottle)
Power supply AC 220V ±22V ;50Hz±1 Hz
Rated power < 250VA
Accuracy of the reagent distribution of the liquid dispensing pump + 3% (when the distribution of the reagents of each channel is 2000 mu L)
Precision of the liquid pump reagent dispensing CV ≤5%(when the channel allocation amount of reagent is 2000 L)
The temperature control of the rocking bed Room temperature、25℃—37℃ (can be costomized)
Temperature control accuracy ± 1.5℃
Cross contamination When negative and positive samples are tested in alternating order, negative samples should not be presented with positive strip operation. According to the requirements of protein imprinting kit and testing procedure set.
Pre test Reagents preparation and pipeline cleaning before use
Test Add sample by hand
Results interpretation According to the requirements of the kit and / or instrument operation instructions, the standard strip, manual or instrumental interpretation

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