Z L-C001 Electric Gynecological Examination Bed

Z L-C001 Electric Gynecological Examination Bed

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1  Human body-like mattress designed according to ergonomic principles, double-layer high-density heavy-body foam, good elasticity, and moderate softness. ( 80-100mm ).

2  An auxiliary table (optional) can be installed, which does not occupy working space and is convenient and quick to disassemble and assemble.

3 One end of the back plate is semi-circular , and the surface is smoothly transitioned to avoid the edges and corners from scratching people. The material is stainless steel.

4 The grip handle can be moved horizontally and rotated by 360 º . It can be hung down or removed when not in use, which is convenient for patients to get on and off the bed and has a protective effect. The dirt basin is always in a natural hanging state relative to the bed and can be quickly removed.

5 Bed external structure are stainless steel, the level of the bottom cover and lifting the cover vertical edges chamfered edges 20x45 º.

6 Multifunctional fastener, all-round movement can be adjusted by one handle at the same time, and the operation is flexible and convenient.

7 Three electric, foot control switches, simple operation and convenient maintenance. This bed is mainly suitable for the examination, diagnosis, treatment and operation of gynecology and obstetrics, anorectal, urology, gynecology and calculi. The bed body has high-quality casters, which can be moved and manually self-locked.

Main functions and technical parameters

Able lengthⅹ width: 1260ⅹ620±10 mm

Auxiliary table: lengthⅹ width: 600ⅹ620±10 mm (optional)

Fold-down on the back panel: -10—75 º

Tabletop lifting range: 500—750±10 mm

Folding on buttocks ≥45 º Folding down ≥10 º

Power supply: ∽220 V±10%, 50 HZ  

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