ZL-E001 Shared Escort Cabinet

ZL-E001 Shared Escort Cabinet

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Length 65 0mm, width 55 0mm , height 900mm;

Unfolded size of escort bed: length 1800mm, width 500mm, height 260mm.

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1. The shared escort cabinet is a cabinet-bed integrated structure. The upper layer of the cabinet is a drawer, and the lower layer is a folding escort bed hidden in the flip cabinet door, and the foldable escort bed is pulled out. Unfold it as an escort bed, and put it away without taking up space.

2. Escort cabinet drawer with quiet roll-on rails, pull more flexible.

3. The flip cabinet door adopts a roller structure, which is easy to pull and concealed. It does not take up space after opening. The escort bed adopts a multi-stage folding design, which is easy to unfold and fold; the escort bed surface is made of high quality artificial leather and 30mm high-elastic sponge. , Better comfort and easier cleaning of the bed surface.

4. Flip door unlock function with a scan code, two-dimensional code matching the cloud unlock function may be used by direct folding bed accompanying cabinet body scavenging two-dimensional code, easy to use escort.

5. The whole cabinet adopts two-color collocation, which makes the whole cabinet more harmonious and beautiful.


1. Cabinet body ≥ 0.8 mm thick high-pressure forming steel materials off, door, drawer panel and pumping ≥ 0.8MM high-carbon steel plate stamping.

2. The cabinet body, drawers and door panels are coated with double phosphating electrophoresis primer + electrostatic antibacterial powder, and SGS international standard coating treatment. Bed coating Use antibacterial paint, antibacterial and antibacterial, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, and anti-fading.

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