JIDI-4DH Medical Automatic Balance Centrifuge

JIDI-4DH Medical Automatic Balance Centrifuge

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JJIDI-4DH medical automatic balance centrifuge is suitable for biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, clinical trials,

Experimental research units such as food and environmental protection are conventional equipment for the separation and preparation of suspended solids and liquids.

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Product parameters

Maximum speed 4000r/min
Maximum relative centrifugal force 2600×g
Timing range 0 ~ 99min59s   
Speed ​​accuracy ±10r/min
Acceleration/deceleration rate 1~4 gears
Motor Brushless Motor
power supply AC 220V 50Hz 10A   
Machine noise ≤60dB
Weight (without rotor) 20Kg
Dimensions 475×355×260mm (L×W×H)

Performance characteristics

1. It adopts a full-touch 7 -inch high-definition touch screen "intelligent system", and the display interface simultaneously displays the speed, running time, temperature, and up/down speed gears, as well as the currently selected rotor specifications and models. 

2. Maximum speed and maximum centrifugal force, door opening and closing conditions, real-time date and time;

3. Centrifugal force or speed can be preset according to user needs; to meet different centrifugal requirements of users;

4. Real-time detection of the centrifuge speed. When the motor is running abnormally, the floating pop-up window displays the speed, shielding all buttons to prevent the user from misoperation and causing safety hazards;

5. The data of each centrifuge operation is recorded in the background, and the user can view it in real time;

6. The change curve of speed, centrifugal force and temperature during operation are displayed on the same screen, and the change relationship is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for users to record centrifugal data;

7. With humanized design, users can adjust the screen brightness, button sound, Chinese and English selection, timing mode, automatic lid opening;

8. Adopt a unique octagonal cavity connection, the overall structure is thick and reliable, the cavity is designed with an automatic ventilation and circulation system, and the circuit boards are all suspended, which has a good moisture-proof effect;

9. Special observation tube for centrifuge: The upper and lower concave-convex threaded port design solves the quality problems that the simple observation hole of traditional centrifuges is easy to fall off, and the sealing is not tight, which causes hidden safety hazards;

10. The circulating air duct system is designed in the centrifugal cavity and the cover air duct to keep the whole cavity, motor and other parts with excellent heat dissipation, and improve the stability and high reliability of the whole machine;

11. The centrifugal chamber is made of high-quality stainless steel and is plated with a special anti-corrosion coating, which has excellent corrosion resistance and is durable;

12. Adopting the patented triangular connecting rod motor fixing and three-stage shock absorption system structure, the motor is firmly fixed at the bottom, so that the motor can run smoothly at high speed;

13. The unique design of front opening technology makes the whole machine easy to maintain;

14. The whole machine adopts ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, simple operation, with door cover protection, over-speed, over-temperature, unbalance and other protection functions, automatic fault alarm function, stable and reliable use ;

15. The whole machine is guaranteed for two years (24 months ) ;

Adapted rotor

Serial number

Rotor type

Speed ​​r/min



Medical angle rotor




Medical angle rotor




Medical angle rotor




Medical angle rotor




Medical angle rotor



Control System

We fully understand the needs of users for the use of the instrument, and we have independently developed the world's leading centrifuge control from the perspective of users.

"Intelligent system": complete functions, efficient and fast, safe and stable, and best meets the needs of users.

Two options of centrifugal force and speed

Our "intelligent system" can preset the centrifugal force or speed for centrifugation according to the user's needs to meet the different centrifugal requirements of the user.

The display interface also displays the speed, running time, temperature, and speed gears at the same time, as well as the currently selected rotor specification and model, maximum speed and maximum centrifugal force.

Door opening and closing status, real-time date and time.

Run protection

When the centrifuge starts to run, the display interface enters the running interface without buttons such as opening the door, only the stop button is displayed, and the user can change the required centrifugal force/rotation speed and preset temperature according to the needs; to prevent the user from misoperation and cause safety hazards.

The "intelligent system" detects the rotation speed in the centrifuge in real time. When the motor is running, the rotation speed floating pop-up window is designed to shield all buttons to ensure the safety of the centrifuge.

Background recording function

The “intelligent system” records the time, program, rotor specification and model, speed, temperature, progress, running time and status of each centrifuge operation in the background.

Support users to view in real time, convenient for users to record each run data, to meet the multiple needs of users. At the same time, the background program also records the number of runs, cumulative time,

The number of door locks and alarm records.

L deceleration multi-speed adjustable

Our "intelligent system" supports 9 gears for speed-up and 10 gears for speed-down adjustment, the fastest speed is 15 seconds, and the slowest speed is more than 5 minutes, meeting the multiple needs of users for centrifuging samples.

Multiple modes adjustable

Our "smart system" users can adjust the screen brightness, set the button sound, select the language, turn on the timing mode, and automatically open the lid.

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