ZL-K021 Waterproof Brown Sponge Four Folding Pad

ZL-K021 Waterproof Brown Sponge Four Folding Pad

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Specification: 1900mmX840mmX80mm
Main material: The product is composed of three parts: bed cover, sponge and coconut palm.
①The bed cover is made of single-sided waterproof cloth material, with ventilation holes, zipper setting, easy to remove and wash;
②The inner layer is made of honey high sponge and imported coconut palm from Malaysia, which has strong air permeability and can be set up with a beautiful appearance according to the bed;
③The overall thickness of the mattress is 8 cm, of which the high-density sponge is 5 cm and the coconut palm is 3 cm. During use, it can be changed according to the weather and climate such as cold in winter and cool in summer, so as to provide patients with comfortable and healthy hospitalization conditions.  

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